Our Building

We are fortunate to be custodians of a beautiful building that invariably surprises first time visitors, and those who regularly return are always uplifted.  Our church is open to the community and has been used for various activities- from a filming set, community choirs, concerts, weddings, funerals and weight-loss classes.

It is a B listed building of significant architectural interest, designed by Peter McGregor Chalmers, and built at the beginning of the last century.  It is built in the Romanesque style, a form popular in Edwardian times, although St Margaret’s displays continental influences, being described as a German Double Ender, a basilica with a double apse.

Stone built, it is a building of captivating harmonious proportions – solid walls, smallwindows, rounded arches, and a high barrel-vaulted roof.  The ceilings of its two apses have mosaics of wonderful beauty.  Additionally, the church houses a renowned collection of some 26 stained glass windows in a range of artistic styles, the collection accumulating from the 1920s to the 2000s.

Click to access a gallery with pictures of some parts of our building.

You can take a virtual tour of our building here.

Here is our brochure with more information on the building.